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Earn Many Ways - The Internet Job Shop

Earn Many Ways - The Internet Job Shop

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Free Stuff. Every Month. WAVE3 Tripleclicks.

Q: What is it?

A: W3 is's "personal referral network." In short, for helping us spread the word about, we pay you valuable TCredits and Member Rewards Points (MRP).

Q: How do I get started?
A: Getting started with W3 is super-easy; Just order the free W3 starter kit (you pay only a one-time $1.95 for shipping & handling). Included in the kit is a TripleClicks decal for your car. Once you've verified with us that you've outfitted your car with the decal (by uploading or e-mailing us a photo), you immediately receive your first month's allotment of TCredits and MRP.

Q: What are TCredits?
A: TCredits are a special TripleClicks currency that can be used for member listings, for bidding on Pricebenders auctions, downloading TuneFlow™ music and more! A single TCredit normally sells for $1.99. As a W3 member, you receive FIVE each month and can earn unlimited free additional TCredits!

Q: What is MRP?
A: MRP = Member Rewards Points. Every product at TripleClicks--over 30,000 products and growing--lists an MRP value next to the price. Once you've accumulated the needed MRP, all you have to do is put the item you want in your shopping cart, choose MRP as your payment option, and check out! It's that simple, and you pay only for shipping (if any)! Learn more about MRP here.

Q: What is the requirement to continue to receive TCredits and MRP each month?
A: After your initial activation month, you must log in at TripleClicks and complete a simple W3 Reactivation Form each month. Available for you to complete during the last ten days of each month, this form consists of a brief questionnaire and may also include one or more short surveys. You should be able to easily complete everything in just 5-10 minutes. If you fail to complete the Reactivation Form, you will not receive your TCredits or MRP for that month.

Q: What if I forget to complete the Reactivation Form on time?
A: Your W3 account will be reinstated as soon as you complete another Reactivation Form. However, if you miss more than three months in a row, you will be required to submit a new verification photo to reactivate your account.

Q: How and when do I receive my TCredits and MRP?
A: For your first month, you'll receive your TCredits and MRP just as soon as we verify your photo. For subsequent month, you'll receive your TCredits and MRP upon completing the monthly Reactivation Form.

Q: What's the catch?
A: There is none. Your ONLY cost to join W3 is the $1.95 shipping and handling fee on the starter kit. And the only ongoing requirement is that you must complete the simple W3 Reactivation Form each month to confirm your ongoing participation, but this is cost-free and takes only a few minutes each month.

Q: How can I earn additional TCredits and MRP?
A: This is one of the most exciting parts of the W3 program! Included in your starter kit are a supply of "X-Cards." Print or stamp your W3 member ID number on these cards and hand them out to friends. And/or, if you have your own Website or blog, you can install one of our free W3 banners for attracting new W3 members. No matter how you do it, for each W3 member you refer, you instantly receive 5 additional free TCredits AND 50 additional free MRP! And there's no limit to how many TCredits and MRP you can earn! Plus, each referral gets you an entry in our weekly cash drawing (more on this in a moment)!

Q: Can I get more X-Cards?
A: Yes, additional X-Cards are available for just $.01 (one cent) each HERE.

Q: How can I win cash in the weekly W3 drawing?
A: Every week, we award $250 cash to a W3 member who has referred someone to W3. Here's how it works: Included in your starter kit are a supply of "X-Cards." Print or stamp your W3 member ID number on these cards and hand them out to friends. And/or, if you have your own Website or blog, you can install one of our free W3 banners for attracting new W3 members. For each referral you make (in addition to earning 5 matching TCredits and 50 matching MRP), you get one entry in the weekly drawing. The more entries you have, the greater your chances to win! The winner is then drawn each Tuesday; 10 runners-up are also drawn and each receive 50 free TCredits. For 17 ways you can generate referrals, see this page.

Q: For the weekly W3 drawing, when does the week start and end?
A: Weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday.

Q: Can I participate in the drawing every week?
A: Yes, every week is another chance for you to win $250 cash! Hence, you can win thousands of dollars every year!

Q: When is the winner drawn?
A: A winner is drawn each Tuesday for the previous week's activities and their name is posted HERE. Note: If Tuesday falls on a holiday, the winner will be drawn on the next business day.

Q: Are there any consolation prizes?
A: Yes. We actually draw a total of six names each week. Five runner-ups receive 50 free TCredits.

Q: How and when do I get paid if I win?
A: You can receive payment by check or PayPal. Or, if you prefer, we'll convert your $250 cash into a $300 gift certificate--redeemable on any product or products at TripleClicks. Winnings are distributed on the Thursday following the drawing. Note: If Thursday falls on a holiday, distribution will be on the next business day.

Q: Is there any other way to generate referrals?
A: Yes. Additional ideas are included in your starter kit. Your starter kit also includes a referral link--a special Website address containing your unique member ID number--that you can add to your e-mail signature, etc.

Q: Where is W3 available?
A: Everywhere! W3 is available in every country in the world.

Q: Does the TripleClicks car decal go on the inside or the outside of the window?
A: The outside.

Q: Is the TripleClicks car decal a permanent sticker?
A: It's considered "semi-permanent." Like most car decals, it has adhesive to stick to your car window. However, should you ever decide to end your participation in the W3 program, it is easily removed.

Q: What are the dimensions of the TripleClicks car decal?
A: The TripleClicks decal is 3" tall x 17.5" wide.

Q: Does the TripleClicks car decal have to go in the rear view window of my car?
A: No, you can also place it atop your windshield or on a side window if you prefer.

Q: What is printed on the TripleClicks car decal?
A: The first line features the TripleClicks logo, followed by "" The second line says, "Join the wave for FREE stuff every month!"

Q: Can I get additional TripleClicks car decals?
A: Yes, if you'd like outfit another car or sport more than one decal, extra decals are available for just $1.00 apiece HERE.

Q: What if I don't have a car on which to put a TripleClicks decal?
A: It is required that you outfit at least one car with a TripleClicks decal to activate your W3 account. If you do not have a car, you are allowed to use a friend or family member's car in lieu of your own.

Q: Where do I learn about the exclusive W3 member-only specials?
A: You will receive this information in our W3 Member Newsletter via e-mail.


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